Quarter of UK users visit online social networks every month

Posted on November 30, 2006 by


A quarter of UK internet users go on social networking sites, according to a report by the European Interactive Advertising Association.

The survey of 7,000 people across Europe revealed teenagers and young adults spend the most time on social networks, with 32% visiting one at least once a month, compared to the European average of 23%.

The EIAA Mediascope Europe 2006 report also found a third of all internet users in the UK listened to online radio and downloaded music at least once a month. Across Europe, 31% of users download music once a month and 15% make calls via the internet, a growth of 50% from last year.

Alison Fennah, director of the EIAA, said, “This report shows us that people are more comfortable with using internet applications. Year-on-year growth of technology normally shifts slowly, but we’re seeing a massive annual growth in downloading and internet radio use.”

The EIAA found 45% of users go online every day. They spend 11 hours 20 minutes a week online, compared to 10 hours 15 minutes a year ago.


Thanks to Sam Matthews @ NMA.co.uk