Video Closely Rivals Music Online

Posted on December 1, 2006 by


Demand for video now rivals music online, according to a recent survey. The study, commissioned by iCrossing and carried out by Harris Interactive, noted that video formats like movies, clips, television shows, and sporting events are rapidly attracting more attention from media-hungry consumers. Specifically, the poll found that 46 percent of online adults in the United States listen to, watch or seek to download media assets. And within that category, 31 percent prefer video-related content, compared to 33 percent for music-related assets.

From one perspective, the study suggests a horserace, though most consumers are enmeshed in multiple and overlapping formats. That opens the door to a number of creative sales opportunities, including those that traverse music and video formats. “Companies must continue to create new and innovative strategies to reach consumers wanting music, video and ringtones online,” said Jeffrey Herzog, CEO of iCrossing. For artists and labels, that means bundling experiments that involve downloads, ringtones, and video sneak-peeks, as well as traditional assets like concert tickets and merchandise. Meanwhile, iPod users have shown an overwhelming preference for music downloads, according to a recent finding by Nielsen Media Research.