Personal project # 1: Happy birthday dad

Posted on May 9, 2009 by


Inspired by Ji Lee and his talk @Visueltdagene in Oslo on personal projects and why you need them, I did my first personal project this weekend (unless you include the time when I disassembled my old Ikea lamp?).

Where to start and what to do?

It is my father’s birthday on sunday. Today is saturday and it is raining. I am hung over. With nothing better to do, I made my dad a video-birthday-card-thing. I only had a tape with 15 mins left on it to record and found myself with an expired license to Adobe CS Premiere. iMovie and Garageband was what I had to work with + some toys on my desk. You can see it here, but don’t tell my dad yet, as his b-day is tomorrow, ok?

The end result? Not too impressive…. or I might as well say:

It’s crap. I admit it.

But so what? At least it is a beginning – and hopefully (for me at least), more personal projects will follow….