Apple (once again) driving change in telecom with micro SIM

Posted on March 25, 2010 by


The news that Apple’s new product iPad will have 3G + a new form of SIM card stunned many. Well, the 3G feature probably came as now suprise – but a new SIM card? Apple have introduced a micro-SIM which was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute around 2003, but as the current used SIM card is so widely used, no manufacturers or telecoms operators have before this offered it to the market.

By adding the micro SIM to iPad – Apple once again will be the driver of change in the telecoms sector (Apple Iphone was the real driver behind mass consumer uptake on cellular data, in the US especially) – and probably force through a new (and might I add: better!) standard in telecoms. Already, many telcos have started announcing that they will indeed introduce the new standard.

Interesting development from what should have been an incumbent company by now, but Apple once again shows that the company still knows how to innovate, also in completely new business sectors and be truly disruptive!

Read more about Micro-SIMs on Wikipedia.

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