The coolest new features in Adobe CS 5…

Posted on April 22, 2010 by


‘Tis the season for a new release from Adobe and boy oh boy, does this feel like Christmas when we were kids! Some of us have been waiting for months already.

When to the launch tour in Oslo this week and am in particular excited about these FANTASTIC new features:

  • Flash Catalyst: Ever wanted to make flashy stuff but did not have a clue about action scripts or timelines? Enter Flash Catalyst! This is such a simple and great tool for creating flash without coding.
  • More interactivity tools and animation / live video – in InDesign – finally! Soon you will see much more interactive digital magazines because of this…
  • Dreamweaver comes with pre-prepped integration into several open source CMS systems (wordpress & Joomla! for instance) which allows none-programmers to edit PHP. AMAZING!
  • The Content Aware Fill in Photoshop. You want to edit out your ex from a picture? No problemo. Just watch this short clip and be stunned at how cool this new feature is. It actually computes what the background will be and fills out whatever is missing when you edit out something in a picture.

Can’t wait to upgrade! And with the new and faster flash player – maybe even Mr. Jobs will start allowing flash to happen on the iphone / ipad platform… let us hope so..

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