Is it a CD or an LP? Fantastic combo-disc!

Posted on July 14, 2010 by


Cleaned out my shelves yesterday and found some CD samples that I should get rid off since I had never listened to them – and who listens to CDs nowadays anyhow in this spotify/itunes era? (I sure don’t – if I use “physical media” other than my iPod/iPhone/Mac then I turn to old fashioned vinyl for pure nostalgia and quality sound).

THEN I stumbled over this sample EP which turned out to be a combo disc by The Rumble Strips (Alarm Clock) which played both as vinyl and CD! How cool is that! The A-side is playable as vinyl and the B-side is a normal CD. The EP came with a small ring to make it fit to the LP player.

…tested it on my record player and it worked fine!

The song is ok – but was more impressed by the fact that they had released a combo disc…

And the rest of the EPs/Samplers?

Well, they ended up as a wall piece in my bedroom!